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Aureolus Ugo Belli (ウーゴ・アウレオルス・ベリ Ūgo Aureorusu Beri) is a character in Haunting Ground. He is Fiona Belli's father and Ayla Belli's husband.


Ugo was a homunculus created by Lorenzo Belli. Lorenzo gave Ugo the Azoth and wanted him to pursue of mission of alchemy initiated by Aureolus Belli. Ugo is a 14th generation clone of Aureolus.

However, Ugo chose to live a mortal life and fell in love with Ayla; Ugo left Belli Castle when he was around 34 years old and married her, much to Lorenzo's disappointment. Lorenzo was dismayed by Ugo abandoned his mission, as the alchemical truth he had ultimate conviction in had been defeated by something as worthless as "love". In response, Lorenzo hastily created Riccardo Belli to continue his mission.

2 years after leaving Belli Castle, Ugo and Ayla had a daughter named Fiona. Despite being a homunculus which are usually infertile, Ugo and Ayla were able to birth Fiona due to his possession of the Azoth. Fiona also inherited a birthmark from him.

Haunting Ground[]

18 years later in the present, Riccardo murdered a 54-year-old Ugo after attempting to kill him in the car crash as revenge for leaving the castle and passing the Azoth down to Fiona.


  • Upon examining wine in the castle's pantry, Fiona mentions that her father "was quite the wine connoisseur."
  • By technicality, Ugo is Lorenzo's son and Riccardo's brother.
  • Physically, Ugo appears much older than Riccardo. This presumably has something to do with the vague "wet/dry methods" mentioned in the game, or because Riccardo was created using little/no Azoth.
  • From the ages given, Lorenzo had created Ugo at the age of 36 (90 - 54 = 36). Coincidentally, Ayla also gave birth to Fiona when Ugo was 36 (54 - 18 = 36).
  • Despite being 18, Fiona still calls her father "daddy" for unknown reasons, as seen when she does it twice when she sees Riccardo and Lorenzo.
  • He has a conversation with Ayla in Endless Zero.
  • His motion capture actor is Yasuto Hida.