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Vigo Boradsov
Vigo speaking to Monica Flores
Unknown (determined by ending)
Hair color
Eye color
Brown (left eye)
Blue (right [false] eye)
Oceanus ship owner
Faithful cult leader
Voice actor
Barry Gjerde (English)
Shibata Hidekatsu (Japanese)
Oh, thank you young lady, you saved me!
—Vigo thanks Monica after she purifies his artificial eye

Vigo Boradsov is the secondary main antagonist of NightCry. He is the owner of the luxury cruise ship Oceanus, and is responsible for bringing the Scissorwalker on the ship.


Secretly the head of a cult known as the Faithful, Vigo is the owner of the Oceanus and is responsible for orchestrating the massacre on the ship.


Vigo's photo.

According to Vigo's diary, it is heavily implied that he had a daughter named Yolanda Boradsov, and that Vigo raped and impregnated her with his son/grandson "Otto". There is a chance that Otto is Jerome Theuriau, meaning Jerome may be Scissorwalker's son. It is also implied Vigo transformed Yolanda into a monster called the Scissorwalker.


Chapter One[]

Monica Flores helps Vigo sterilize his false eye.

Chapter Three[]

Vigo can be found in the survivor room. He meets Rooney Simpson.

Vigo appears in the Survivor endings (Two Survivors and The Lone Survivor), surrounded by the bodies of slain passengers arranged like marrionettes. He tells Rooney that he is surprised she made it so far for someone not a part of the Faithful, then reveals to her that he is in control of the Scissorwalker.


Vigo, moments before Scissorwalker kills him.

He is killed by the Scissorwalker after Rooney tears out her own eye to utilize an Eye of the Kassites stolen from his quarters to convince the Scissorwalker to exact her vengeance on him against his pleas. After dying, he disappears in green flame alongside the other bodies.


  • "Oh, thank you young lady, you saved me!"
  • "I'm surprised. To think, someone outside our brotherhood has made it this far..."
  • "A belated greeting: Welcome to the Oceanus. I hope you enjoy your cruise with us to our Eternal Paradise."
  • "Wait! Wait! This can't be!... this can't be... wait, wait... oh no... no... hey no no no wait!... no wait wai... no... wait... wait AARGH!"