Wardrobe Key
Wardrobe Key
Wardrobe Key
Unlocks Alyssa's wardrobe
Obtained automatically after starting a new game on Clear Mode
Clock Tower 3

The Wardrobe Key is an item in Clock Tower 3. It is obtained after beating the game once, and starting a new game on Clear Mode. It unlocks Alyssa's wardrobe in her room in the Hamilton House, so she can wear different costumes.


  • The Wardrobe Key's purpose (a post-game unlockable allowing for the player to access secret costumes in a clear file) is most likely a reference to the Resident Evil franchise, specifically the first Resident Evil (original, remake and remaster versions) and Resident Evil Zero, as completing those games once will unlock a similar item, the Closet Key to allow the playable characters access to new costumes. Both the Resident Evil franchise and Clock Tower 3 were made by Capcom.
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