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White Godstone
In-game appearance
Unlock the door leading to Chaos Forest
N/A (refined from Prima Materia, Sulfuric Ore, and Silver Ore)
Haunting Ground
A smooth, milky-white material created by refining Silver Ore.

The White Godstone is an item in Haunting Ground. It is a small stone that is created from an intense refining process and works as a key by being placed on a set of scales to unlock the door that leads to Chaos Forest.

Fiona creates the stone after refining three alchemic substances. The White Godstone is symbolic of albedo.


Creating the White Godstone requires collecting three different substances and an intense refining process that includes three separate machines. If the substance is put on the balance scale before becoming a Godstone, it will become a Handful of Ash and must be put in the Decomposer.

  • Prima Materia (Extractor - located near where Riccardo assaults Fiona)
  • Sulfuric Ore (Purifier - located in the room Hewie unboarded)
  • Silver Ore (Synthesizer - located in corridor with vertical water draining device near Daniella's boss area)

After each component has been refined in a machine, the process produces a small pebble that weighs just the right amount to unlock the door's lock mechanism.[1]

Fiona can then turn the White Godstone into the Red Godstone using the Transmuter in the incubator room. This has the additional benefit of obtaining the Philosopher Earrings, or Magist Medallion if the player already has the earrings.