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A zombie nurse.

The zombies (ゾンビ Zombi) are common stalkers in Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within. They are test subjects infected with Cerebral Toxin, as the bacteria forms a new, parasitic brain and kills off their true brain; resulting in becoming zombies.


The zombies were originally patients of Memorial Hospital whom Henry Kaplan, the hospital director, provided to George Maxwell at the Memorial Pharmaceuticals Research Lab as test subjects for Maxwell's Cerebral Toxin plan. Presumably after Maxwell went crazy from the toxin hidden within the Golden Statue, he released the zombies into the lab, the hospital, and perhaps the whole town.


The zombies appear in the stereotypical zombie form, possessing green skin, pupil-less white eyes, and the behavior of walking slowly with their arms forward. They also possess yellow blood instead of red blood.

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within[]

The zombies appear in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. They are first encountered after Alyssa Hale awakens in a hospital bed and starts to explore Memorial Hospital.

While not possessed by Bates, Alyssa can kill them by using an evasion point such as a chair, broom, or fire extinguisher. She can also avoid them in a hiding spot such as a locker or bathroom stall. Bates can do so with a pistol, shotgun, or machine gun.

Zombies function differently before/after Bates Finds out about the weakpoint:

Before hand, they'll "Die" in one shot, if Bates automatically leaves the room after shooting it, then it's not dead, if he doesn't and it vanishes, the zombie has been killer.

After this (and in the final chapter), Zombies are immortal to anyone non-weak point shots (indicated by the crosshair changing colour) and will never go down, this can be tested in the bonus games, where a Zombie can take over 30 revolver shots to the head, after this point, they will only go down from a lethal shot to the weakpoint.

Method of attack[]

Whenever Alyssa/Bates stumble upon a zombie, it will stalk Alyssa/Bates relentlessly unless Alyssa/Bates find any means to kill or evade it.

Should Alyssa/Bates come into contact with a zombie, this will trigger Panic; the zombie will attempt to reach out to strangle Alyssa/Bates while Alyssa/Bates will attempt to push their arms back.

  • If the player succeeds, Alyssa will push it back but it'll attempt to jump onto her before she flees; as Bates, he'll push the zombie back before kicking it to the floor.
  • If the player fails, the zombie will successfully strangle Alyssa/Bates, thus resulting a Game Over.


  • The zombies are the only known stalkers in the Clock Tower series to exist in massive numbers.
  • In general, zombies are the most common enemies in survival horror.
  • It is very likely they were just added in the game because of the success of Resident Evil at the time, although this is not confirmed.